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Enthusiastic customers recommend us. That's our mission statement. Customers of neuburger.technik are highly satisfied customers. We know this fact thanks to our special closeness and intensive cooperation with them. If our customers are permanently enthusiastic and trust neuburger.technik, they will stay loyal to us not only over a long period but will obviously recommend us.



Four promises, one goal: Enthusiastic customers.

Good relations remain even if times, markets and products may change. Meeting your requirements, our focus is on a pleasant and long-term cooperation. The spark of enthusiasm should spread to our customers, the team of neuburger.technik and our suppliers. Then all have won: As our customer, you get our best possible performance and as a company, we win an enthusiastic customers.

This success cannot be taken for granted, but is the result of life-enhancing values: the neuburger.technik corporate culture. In four customer promises, we have stated why you have found a very special partner with neuburger.technik for your project - and what benefits you can look forward to.


1 | We live and love appreciation

Mutual appreciation is the heart and soul of our corporate culture. Our main focus is the person, not the quick profit.
We deeply care for the relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers like precious plants. May they steadily grow and bear rich fruit.


2 |You can rely on our word

For us this is not just a slogan but an important basis for a trusting cooperation with customers, suppliers and among the team of neuburger.technik. We stick to our commitment. In the event of an issue, we communicate openly and honestly at all times. Professionalism, sincerity and reliability are virtues our clients and partners are able to count on. We keep our word.

3 | Assume responsibility

Customer satisfaction is only achieved because our employees and suppliers act responsibly. We put ourselves in our customers' shoes, their demands, their wishes, their goals, anticipate and plan for the future. We like to show alternatives independently and reach the target by the optimum route. Our commitment: to meet all customer needs professionally and to make an enthusiastic customer out of a satisfied customer.


4 | Quality has its price, a fair price with neuburger.technik

We guarantee the best quality regardless of the size of the order, whether for key customers or first customer. Each order is carried out with much attention, courage to creativity, enthusiasm and years of experience.

Thanks to a motivated neuburger.technik team and diverse, mostly long-standing supplier contacts, we find the ideal solution for every task. Fast, flexible, friendly - and at a really fair price.


neuburger.technik vision
Our company goal, your success
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