The control panel of a manual hand adapter is an extremely important component, to which we pay high attention.
We distinguish the manual keypads between 1 joint/ and 3-joint lever, combinations of the two have already been realized. For simple applications we use
slightly modified standard keypads. Also cross / or star handles are used.
Our self-developed 3-joint lever however differentiates from standard products in some important aspects:

screwed and thus captive handle piece
pulling and pushing mounting position
hardened pivot points
integrated unique finger protection
optional vibration protection against unintended / unintentional opening of the control panel available
additional space for comfortable adjusting / and counter possibility of seal surface pressure
adapter only corrosion resistant in stainless steel, hardenable stainless steel.

In addition to ergonomics, functionality and durability, we also put a special emphasis on the rapid visual recognition of the control panel.
Our color scheme with the yellow signal color attracts attention!
If the adapter is located, for example, on a complete engine, the operator is supported in his work by the striking colors of the keypads.

For machine-assisted applications using electric / pneumatic screwdriver screws with TORX® or indoor / outdoor hexagon are installed.