Pneumatic adapters are used when large quantities need to be tested or large forces are required for sealing.

In both cases we offer great solutions with our pneumatic adapters.

Individually tailored to your application and requirements, our pneumatic adapters have proven to be extremely robust and reliable. With hand-operated pneumatic adapters, switches, for example, can be integrated which control the adaptation process and display the respective state of the adapter visually by means of a signal light.

Even remote triggering the start of a tightness test can be realized via integrated switches in the adapter.

Pneumatic adapters can also be integrated into customer‘s test system. Therefore, we define the respective transfer points together with our customers. Our pneumatic adapters are now integrated in many test systems of well-known customers and therefore contribute to consistently high delivery quality of the products produced there.

Take advantage of our long-standing experience, we are looking forward to your request.